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MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution: What it Is and How it is Used

2010: The United States Food and Drug Administration issued a warning on using MMS according to Jim Humble protocols. They label it as industrial bleach. But at the same time they have approved the use of chlorine dioxide for use in mouthwashes, toothpastes, and as a food service disinfectant among other uses, citing it as being a better alternative than chlorine.”Jim Humble

Master Mineral Solution, or Miracle Mineral Solution, usually referred to as MMS, is a branded name for chlorine dioxide, which is made by mixing aqueous sodium chlorite with an acid, usually citrus juices, vinegar or an acid solution you purchase along with sodium chlorite. Chlorine dioxide is widely used in the food, cosmetics, water purification, and other industries as a disinfectant. It is known to kill pathogens and fungi on contact, more quickly than other disinfectants. Because it is so potent it is crucial to use great care in its use for human self-care, so protocols for use are given later in this article.

The use of MMS by individuals has been actively opposed by various government and disease control agencies, and the claims of its benefits are branded by such agencies as fraudulent. While it’s hard to find the research on MMS as it has been suppressed by the media, there is some information out there discussing how it can safely eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungi, and disease-causing pathogens in drinking water, food preparation areas, and even on living and harvested produce. Plus, there is a massive amount of anecdotal evidence showing that MMS does indeed work in careful individual use to eliminate pathogens.

(Read various research excerpts in this article, a study here and a research chat in this forum and watch video testimonials here.)

MMS was discovered by Jim Humble as he was investigating less toxic methods of recovering gold. He found that it quickly eliminated malaria and began exploring what else it could  do and promoting its use in various ways. His website has much more detail about his process.

Currently, people use MMS to detoxify, to cleanse, to remove parasites,  and even to clean their teeth. While I personally know quite a few people who use it and believe it helps greatly, I [Kyla] have never felt resonant with using it myself – even when a kind person gave me a bottle to try. (See our article about personal resonance, here.)

As with any strong cleanse, there is a possibility of experiencing symptoms of detoxification when using MMS, such as nausea and/or diarrhea. This is a result of the cleanse moving a bit faster than the body’s liver can handle and so the residues of the viral or other die-off get dumped into the digestive tract so the body can eliminate them quickly. And as with other cleanses, when these symptoms arise it is strongly advised to soften or pause the cleanse to allow the body to adjust.

With MMS, strictly following protocols and recommended dosage is crucial and key to avoiding such symptoms. Failure to heed such warnings can result in more permanent damage, so as with all supplements and self-care substances, it’s critical to pay close attention to the body’s signals and exercise proper caution.

MMS Protocol 1000

The two bottles you’ll purchase from Pure Living are labeled 22.4% Sodium Chlorite Solution, and 4% HCL Acid Activator. To activate the MMS, mix the two liquids, by drop, in a one to one ratio, one drop of Sodium Chlorite to one drop of Activator.

Steps to activate your MMS:

  1. Combine drops from 2 bottles in a 1:1 ratio: In a clean glass add an equal number of the 22.4% Sodium Chlorite Solution and of the 4% HCL Acid Activator.
  2. Wait to activate: Let the solution sit for 45 seconds up to 3 minutes until it turns an amber or light brown color.. Be careful not to inhale the solution. When brown, your solution is now activated.
  3. Add filtered water: Pour in a full glass of water for a single dose or if doing protocol 1000 you will be adding 8 activated drops to one liter and drinking it throughout the day.
  4. Avoid having added Vitamin C 2-3 hours before and after taking MMS: Be careful to not consume anything that contains added vitamin C as it counteracts the MMS, like citrus juices.This is because MMS is prooxidant, Vitamin C is antioxidant so they cancel each other out.

When you are first starting out, it’s recommended to start with only 1 or 2 activated drops per day.  People who are very sick and/or sensitive should start with ½ drop.

When you feel your body is ready, you can then follow the basic protocol 1000. In this protocol you will activate 8 drops in a glass and add in one liter of filtered water to your activated solution. You will then drink 125 milliliters every hour over an 8 hour period – aka, you are drinking 8 servings of your 1 liter activated solution over an 8 hour period.

As long as you are not feeling nauseous, slowly each day you will increase your doses until you are drinking 3 activated drops per hour or 24 drops a day.

It’s important you stay below the nausea barrier so, if you’re feeling unwell it means your body is detoxing but it may be happening faster than your body can handle. In this case, decrease your dosage back to 1 or 2 drops per hour.

You may not reach the full 24 activated drops depending on how your body is reacting.  It is up to you to monitor your body and slowly add in more drops as needed. If your body is quite sick or sensitive, you will not be able to take as much. For others, you may be able to take the 24 activated drops without issue.

How long should you do this protocol for? It’s advised by Jim Humble to at least 3 activated drops every 8 hours for 3 weeks or until you are feeling well. That is, check in with your own inner resonance on when you feel your body is ready to end the cleanse.

For future clarification see this protocol 1000 article by AliveNHealthy.

MMS and DMSO Protocol 1000+

For an advanced MMS cleanse you may want to add DMSO to your MMS solution.

What is DMSO? Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is an organic sulfur compound that has incredible healing properties like being able to remove toxins from your brain, help heal damaged cells back to their original, pure form, remove scars from the body, detox organs and more. It’s supportive in healing from many different types of ailments like cancer, eczema, candida, headaches, arthritis and gastrointestinal issues – you name it DMSO can likely help! It can be used orally, topically or through intravenous.

You may have never heard of DMSO, why is that? According to AliveNHealthy: “Medical experts who are well-versed in the use of DMSO and it’s long list of medicinal effects on the body believe that it could easily change the face of medicine if Big Pharma would put it to good use. Unfortunately, however, DMSO is no longer patentable and as a cheap medicine that is available over-the-counter, it has little to offer conventional medicine in terms of profits. As such, it isn’t widely promoted and few people know about it. Nonetheless, it is a medicine that most people can obtain and use at home.”

To learn more about DMSO see The Unbelievable Benefits of DMSOTop 10 Benefits of Using DMSO (for humans) and How to Use DMSO with CDS / MMS or as a Stand-Alone Medicine.

DMSO is highly effective as a stand-alone treatment for pain relief, to help heal injuries, regenerate tissues, for kidney infections, and so on – or can be used as a powerful treatment in combination with MMS. When combined, the medicine has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier making it highly effective to heal the brain and cleanse your bloodstream.

You can purchase DMSO as a stand-alone non-toxic medicine here.

How to activate MMS and DMSO for Protocol 1000+

You would activate your MMS solution in a dry glass as outlined above in protocol 1000. The only difference is, you have to activate your dosage every hour with the DMSO. You cannot make a large dose in the morning and drink it through the day, you must do it every hour as the DMSO needs to be added fresh each time.

Specifically, here’s how you do the MMS and DMSO protocol:

    1. Combine MMS drops from 2 bottles in a 1:1 ratio: In a clean glass add 1-3 drops of the 22.4% Sodium Chlorite Solution and of the 4% HCL Acid Activator. The number of drops you add is the dosage you have decided to take per hour over an 8 hour period as per Protocol 1000 above.
    2. Wait to activate: Let the solution sit for 45 seconds up to 3 minutes until it turns an amber or light brown color. Be careful not to inhale the solution. When brown, your solution is now activated.
    3. Add filtered water: Pour in a full glass of water. DMSO needs to be added fresh for the dose you are doing every hour. You cannot make a large dose like Protocol 1000. For this reason, you are filling up one full glass of water for your single hourly dose, not a full dose like in Protocol 1000.
    4. Add in DMSO after you fill it with water: Now that you have your MMS solution ready, you will add in the same number of activated drops. For example, if you are doing 3 activated drops of MMS you have added 3 drops of 22.4% Sodium Chlorite Solution and 3 drops of 4% HCL Acid Activator. For this mixture, you’d have 3 drops of DMSO. If you have activated one drop of MMS, you’d add one drop of DMSO to your water. Then you want to drink it back.
    5. Avoid having added Vitamin C 2-3 hours before and after taking MMS: Be careful to not consume anything that contains added vitamin C as it counteracts the MMS, like citrus juices.This is because MMS is pro-oxidant, Vitamin C is an antioxidant so they cancel each other out.
    6. Length: Like protocol 1000 continue to do this cleanse for 3 weeks, or until your body is feeling well.

Other Protocols and Further Information

For life-threatening situations, there is a Protocol 2000 which amplifies the effectiveness of the cleanse. See MMS Protocol 2000 – an effective combination (MMS1+MMS2)

MMS-seminar.com is highly recommended reading for anyone considering taking MMS, as it provides a wealth of detailed information, sources, and updates. Because MMS is so highly potent, we strongly encourage further reading before using this product.

“It is important to note that Chlorine Dioxide does NOT cure disease. Chlorine Dioxide is an oxidizer, it kills pathogens and destroys poisons. When these are reduced or eliminated in the body, then the body can function properly and thereby heal itself. I often say, “The body heals the body.” Chlorine Dioxide helps to line things up so the body can do just that.”   – Jim Humble 


All information we share in-person or on our website is to help educate you. Please do your own research before using any of our products or completing a cleanse.

The Pure Living CR team are not medical professionals. Any protocol or product we provide you are consenting to doing it at your own risk. We cannot provide support with protocols as we are not qualified to do so.

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