Organic Green Coffee


500 grams. It is of utmost important to source the highest quality coffee for drinking and enemas and we’ve found on of the best!
Sourced from the Caribbean side of the Costa Rica, this green coffee is organically grown, mold-free and freshly ground. It is a zero-waste product. It is grown at a high elevation, not roasted and nothing added. The effective of unroasted/structured caffeine is deeply revitalizing while its high level of chlorogenic acids moderates blood sugar level and stimulates efficient liver and cardiovascular system functions.
Green coffee is considered to be the best coffee for enemas.

Although the flavor does not taste like traditional coffee, this coffee can also be drank hot or cold. The caffeine is extremely pure and some people who cannot tolerate regular coffee CAN drink green coffee with only great benefits and none of the typical side affects from regular, roasted, even organic, coffee.


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