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What We Stand For

Pure Living CR is committed to bringing you high quality products that support nourishing your body, mind and spirit. We strive to bring you as many organic items as possible and/or the highest quality that we can find. During these changing times, we feel it is of the utmost importance for us to carry products that do not harm the human body and to be transparent, non-manipulative and respectful with how we advertise and run our business. While we are not perfect, we commit to continuing to learn how to be compassionate and honest in all that we are and do.

We are advocates of tuning into your body’s intuition so you can become your own greatest healer. We encourage you to disregard the products or protocols on this site that do not resonate with you. Pure Living CR does not subscribe to any modality, new age practice, hierarchical or guru-based model.

01 Transparency

Being open and honest about our products, where we sourced items from, pricing, mark-ups, the reason why we are selling them, if we have tried them and where we got our research from.

02 Non-manipulative

 Promoting our company and products in an honest way that lets consumers know as clearly as possible the cost, why we like the product and how you can buy it. From there, we leave it to the buyer to decide if the product is right for them. We value open sharing that does not share any false truths or use selling techniques that unconsciously encourage you to buy something.

03 Non-judgemental

We honor and respect the multiple ways to eat, heal the body and live. We strive to not judge others for their lifestyle choices and to not impose our own opinions on others and give unsolicited advice. We do not think there is a one-sized fit all option for everyone as all beings are going through their own unique life journey.

04 Non-competitive

We recognize that there are other companies that are selling similar products. We do not see these companies as competition and choose to not engage with any energies of competition. Rather, we send out our heartfelt prayers for all to thrive.

05 Respecting the earth

We feel humans need to remember how to live in harmony with the earth and its elemental kingdoms. We commit to doing what we can to work with companies that provide products that are conscious of their environmental footprint and foods that are using little to no chemicals and pesticides. While we are not perfect, we strive to do the best we can to live more harmoniously with the earth and not harm it.

06 Positioning ourselves in service

We dedicate ourselves to be in service to the collective whole without overstepping boundaries or draining our own personal energies. We strive to hold a loving field in service that is providing the community with products we love and use in our own homes and daily lives.

The first photo on this page was taken by Kyla Houbolt.