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Melanie Redford


In 2018, Melanie went through a kundalini awakening that spiraled her life into working to clear out her shadows and learning about the energetic mechanics behind ascension and our universe – work that she continues to do today. She follows the principles of the Law of One and has done lots of physical body detoxes in order to clear out that which does not belong.

Now, with this company she intends to hold a platform to help people have greater access to organic foods and clear out viral loads, if they so desire. She feels this company is a gift that will continue to evolve as the company grows and as the world keeps moving through the awakening.

Melanie is responsible for many different aspects of Pure Living CR, from ordering products, working with vendors, running our stand at the San Isidro Feria, making organic nut butters, and more

If you feel called, you can visit Melanie’s Spiritual Counselling website here: https://www.melanieredford.com/

Rebekah Joy

Sales & Marketing

Rebekah Joy does sales & marketing with Pure Living CR.
With a background as a holistic health coach & conscious marketing strategist, she serves our local community by sourcing those “hard to find” health products. She creates our product labels & works with our niche vendors. She provides customer support, answers your questions & delivers our products to those who cannot make it to the Feria stand.

A bit of her background..
Rebekah Joy started getting a more serious about health in 2015 & studied at Institute for Integration Nutrition after witnessing her mother’s journey with three rounds of cancer. Rebekah’s path took her deeper into healing the emotional, spiritual & energy bodies in 2017, when she completed a 9 Month Mystery School Training, Women’s Circle Leader Training (2018) & Tantric Alchemy’s Feminine Embodiment Facilitator Training (2019).

Since then, she has founded JOYRISE Ecstatic Dance which still continues in Pennsylvania & has been hosting women’s circles, women’s festivals, ecstatic dances & international women’s retreats for the last 5 years where she combines her love and knowledge of holistic health, energy work, sound alchemy, dance therapy, tantra & feminine embodiment in beautifully curated event spaces.

She is currently working on an online course, retreat & event series called “Sound of Creation” where she is developing practices to activate our highest creations using our voices & embodied life force energy.

She is also creating an online mini-course about how to Cleanse our physical bodies— focusing on parasites.

She also offers her holistic health coaching in group health coaching programs a few times a year.

She has been residing in Costa Rica for the past 2 and half years and is delighted to be a part of the all female team creating Pure Living CR. With a background in both holistic health & marketing, she is a perfect fit for our team!

Rebekah loves finding quality products and cleanses for her friends and family and she now has an opportunity to share her gifts with the community we serve at Pure Living CR.


Distribution Manager

Grace was born, raised and currently lives high-up in the beautiful Chirripo mountains in Costa Rica. She is a talented seamstress who works on many projects making shirts for events, clothing, bags, and more. Grace is a mother of three beautiful girls, two of which are identical twins.

For Pure Living CR Grace has an important role making sure everything is packaged correctly with precise weights, organizing all the products for the San Isidro feria and supporting the team with other tasks.


Feria Staff

Bianca is the daughter of Grace who lived for 18 years in the Chirripo mountains and plans to go back and live there soon. She currently is living with her partner in San Isidro, Perez Zeledon and studying English at a local Costa Rican university. She is a very talented painter and sells her art with Pure Living CR and others.

Bianca is one of the friendly faces you will see often if you shop at our feria stand. Her role is to help customers, sell products, give out samples, and more.

Kyla Houbolt

Content Writer

Kyla Houbolt currently lives in North Carolina, USA. She is a poet and a gardener, and has been involved with various alternative health and diet/lifestyle practices for most of her life.

In her teen years she learned the importance of clean, organic, whole foods, and later began studying herbalism and dietary self-care as an alternative to mainstream medicine. She has a strong and always growing attunement to the plant and animal kingdoms and the natural world, and hopes to live long enough to witness true positive changes in the health of this beloved earth.

She serves the Law of One and practices it to her best ability. She is delighted to be invited to work with this beautiful project, Pure Living CR, making healthful food and supplements available in a context of self-sovereignty and mutual kindness. If you’re interested in her poetry, you can find numerous examples here: https://linktr.ee/luaz_poet