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Finding Silence in the Noise

The world is buzzing full of information.

Information about the truths of the world.

The lies are being revealed and many are waking up in their own way. They may be understanding that things like the plandemic was set up for control, the vaccine is intended for harm and governmental forces are not who many initially believed them to be.

There is so much going on in the external world.

What is going on in your internal world?

The buzz of information, which also can be understood as a pulsing of energies, is pushing people to consume tons of media disclosure topics, engage in conversations, and so on.

A level of engagement in the external world is justified as we live on this earth and are going through this momentous time. But, too much focus on the external world can cause you to forget what is more important – your internal self.

This is not a bypass as we cannot pretend all is love and light in the outer as it’s not and we must see the truth to heal from it. But, a focus on the inner is an opportunity for you to trust that the information that you need to receive about the external world will come to you.

By focusing on your internal self, through healing practices like meditation, gentle yoga, sitting in nature or in silence, you are enacting a level of self-care that we all need during this shifting time.

Inner direction helps you to stay calm and centered regardless of what is happening in the outer world. So that you can navigate this time with grace, ease and support of your higher self.

It helps you to discern energies, step out of the linear mind and tap into your higher sensory perception.

Here, with the support of your higher mind, you can slowly develop your inner compass which will guide you to your highest organic timeline.

You can then take conscious action on what you are guided to engage with in the external or steps you may be guided to take during this transformation.

This is the inner becoming the outer. The inner world matches the outer world. Guiding and aligning you by your higher connection.

Of course, this takes time to build but it can only be done with a dedicated inward focus and not a looping engagement with the outer.

When reactions come up, inner stillness allows us to witness, surrender to what is and let it go. Releasing attachments, expectations and judgements. Coming into pure presence.

It opens up your inner wisdom aligning to your goodness and shining that out into the world helping you to step into the work that you came here to do.

We have never before had so much access to our higher selves which is not built by constant engagement with excessive noise, but through organic life experiences guided by the internal spirit.

The inner informs the external. Where is your energy directed?


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