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Awakening Symptoms and Shadow Clearing
As the planet awakens you may go through detox symptoms and shadow body experiences. Staying out of fear and in neutrality is the path to your highest expression.
Why Organic Nuts (and Seeds)
The best way to get food that is free of artificial chemicals, and is both nutritionally dense and energetically potent, is to grow your own.
Essential Oils: What They Are, and How to Use Them Safely
Essential oils are wonderful and powerful healing substances that can positively affect our emotions, our mental states, and our physical health
Turpentine Cleanse: What Is It and How To Do It
Turpentine is an oil from the pine tree that has great antibiotic and disinfectant properties among other things.
Finding Silence in the Noise
The world is buzzing full of information. Information about the truths of the world. The lies are being revealed and many are waking up in their own way. They may...
What We Mean by ‘Check Your Resonance’ and How to Do That
How to figure out what resonates with you.
MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution: What it Is and How it is Used
MMS is a powerful medicine that helps the body remove harmful bacteria while not stripping your body of good bacteria, like pharmaceuticals do.

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