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Awakening Symptoms and Shadow Clearing

While it may not look like it in the outer scape, the planet is in the closing chapters of a major awakening.

This is not to say that all things are intentional as the dark forces did set up the plandemic and all of the traumas on the earth to attempt to further control the people through destructive and horrifying means.

But, at this time tons of work is happening both on the earth and on various constellations, stars and planets which is clearing out dark energies that have been placed there on purpose to keep fear, addiction, archetypes, hyper-sexualization, victim-victimization etc energies in check. As these lower formed energies are being cleaned up by Guardian members it’s allowing for higher formed energies to flood back into the earth again which is supporting the liberation of our spirits and the earth little by little.

On my ascension path, I have had to surrender what the awakening journey looks like. I have come to discover it is not the love and light narrative pulsed out through social media, new age communities, (false) ascended master teachings, etc. But rather, it has brought forward many shadows I have needed to witness, forgive, love and clear. And many difficult life situations and extreme physical body symptoms.

Often times, these shadows and challenging situations feel bigger then me and it is because they are connected to past lives and other stations of my identity so they take some time to clear out of my field and can feel quite deep. However, in healing these things I’m healing out lifetimes of trauma, to put it lightly.

No one knows how long the awakening will take and what exactly it looks like but as the energies flooding through are so strong, there is no stopping the awakening now. However, the parasites that are still present here are getting angry and will do all they can to try and keep in control until it is not possible for them to be in charge anymore – which is happening little by little.

This time will push some people who are bring guided to awaken now to go through ascension experiences. This will bring forth all of the shadows they need to work on to clear and to start to understand more of the truths of the world in the way that they are meant to.

As each individual has a unique blueprint, it will look different for all and there’s no value attached to the depth of each persons consciousness. Some may not deal with their pain body now but eventually, in their own timing, perhaps in another lifetime, their spirit will need to go through their healing process.

The rushing in of light is clearing out pain that is held within the earth. Right now, we are having an incredible return of our Solar Mother in some of her highest expressions which is starting to clear out dark sexual energies, false archetypes, and more done to the harm the feminine energy principle on the earth.

The clearing out of the earth grids may cause physical pains to happen in the body as our bodies are connected to the energies of the earth. This may cause detox symptoms, muscle spasms, fatigue and/or various pains in your organs, bones and muscles in your body which you may not understand.

The awakening experience for me has been very physical in addition to emotional. As each dimension/chakra (which goes well beyond the 15th dimension) is connected to a DNA strand when it is time for that piece of yourself to wake up the entire body, organs, nervous system, heart etc starts to go through physical symptoms. It may cause a change in sleep patterns, realizing you have parasites you need to get rid of, changes in your menstrual cycle, deep deep feelings of fatigue, flu-like symptoms and more.

The work is to not go into any fear and do what you can to support your body to help it to heal whatever is coming up. It may be that you need to lay down and rest, listen to peaceful music, snuggle a comfy blanket or have a hot cup of tea. Running massage balls under the feet can help, sitting outside in the sun quietly or getting into the ocean, river or an Epsom salt bath.

The reality is, all things are energetic. So any kind of symptom that pops up is connected to some kind of energy that is blocked, needed to be cleared or supported in your body. The energy may start as emotional, and then manifest in the physical. Of course, there may be specific things you are guided to do to support the physical experience of the awakening symptom like take digestive enzymes for extreme inflammation which is happening at high rates at this moment, herbs or tinctures for bladder infections etc.

Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis reminded me recently that now is the time for us to learn how to heal ourselves as symptoms come up. To come back into the wisdom of our own bodies. The reality is, the Western Medical system is highly satanic and has been created to harm us through the use of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, taking power away from healing ourselves and more. There is no time like the present to start to learn various herbal remedies, self-soothing practices to help your body manage through this beautiful and challenging awakening period.

It has also been stressed to me and a main focus of Rebekah Joy the co-founder of Pure Living CR and myself to support people in clearing parasites and candida from the body. Parasites and candida are a physical form of entities or inorganic energies that take over the mind and block you from having access to your higher sensory perception. That’s why, you see various medicines that we offer to help you in clearing our parasites and bacteria like MMS, DMSO, Turpentine, enema kits, herbal medicines and more.

Remembering, we are not here to manifest certain conditions use our will-power to create different kinds of situations, abundance or spiritual experiences. Rather, it is in the silence of your heart that is your deepest connection to God who you may call Spirit. It is in the effortless flow, which is not to say there is not action that needs to be taken, but the experiences of your life will come forward in the timing that they are meant to. The energies in your body will be cleared in the timing they are meant it. It is not your will, it’s God will. It is not your timing, it’s God’s timing. You are not here to be the biggest person seen on social media or to show your glamorous awakening experiences with others – that is ego driven.

There is a reason your spirit chose to drop in right now during this profound awakening moment and all that needs to happen in your life will without much effort, except for dedicating yourself to your spiritual practices to keep yourself calm and connected.

Never underestimate the power of prayer and asking your Holy Parents for support. Do not fear the symptoms coming up. If guided there may be people and things that come forward to help you with your symptoms or shadow body experiences.

While situations on the path may be challenging, what is happening is so profoundly beautiful and is touching the deepest aspects of my heart and for that I am deeply grateful to be here during this moment. In the calmness of your heart, in connection to all that is and ever has been you are safe, protected, love and supported now and always.

May all beings on the earth be guided to feel into the light, love and power of God housed within the power of their spiritual vessels. May all being be guided to release fear, pain and suffering. May your remember the loving essence of your Krystal Diamond Heart in the timing that you are meant to. Peace be with you all during this profoundly beautiful and transformative time. Thanks for being here NOW.


– Melanie xo


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